Rate Card for Announcements, Adverts & Links Activation

  1. Transition Announcement:
    • Premier VIP Plus is Ksh. 14,000 limited to 20 announcements only
    • Gold Premium Ksh. 8,500.00
    • Bronze is Ksh. 2,500.00
    • Free Announcement plan is Ksh. 0.00. Image, and names deatails only
    • Unidentified Person Publishing is free for 21 days impressions
    • Lost Person Publishing is from Ksh. 15,500 for 5 day impressions
  2. Publicity of Funeral Funds Drive, Harambee
  3. Putting up a commercial advert on GO TO SHOP
  4. Putting up Commercial Advert on Funds Drive and Harambee Meeting Venue tab;
  5. Putting up Commercial Advert on Funeral Insurance Provider tab;
  6. Activation Links on Funeral Homes tab;

Rate Card for Designing & Printing

  • Funeral Programs is from Ksh. 30 each. Minimum Order is 250 pieces
  • Prayer Cards or Bookmarks is from Ksh. 10. Minimum Order is 500 pieces
  • Designing and Printing Customized Condolence Book is from Ksh. 300
  • Supply of Customized Funeral Financial Accounting Booklet is from Ksh. 250
  • Thank You Notes is from Ksh. 100. Minimum Order is 50 pieces
  • Tribute Banner measuring from 2metres by 0.5metres is from Ksh. 6,000
  • Memorial T-shirts is from Ksh. 300. Minimum Order is 30 pieces.
  • Designing and Printing of up to 50 pages of A3 Booklet of all photos taken at Funeral Home, Church Service, and Photos on the journey to Funeral/Home, Photos taken during Funeral Service. Each Booklet is from Ksh.15,000

Rate Card for Photography& Videography

  • Full Package is from Ksh. 100,000 pre-planned for 3 days to funeral date and one day church service
  • Partial Package is from Ksh. 50,000 pre-planned during church service
  • On call is from Ksh. 6,500 per hour