frequently asked questions

What is website?

Celebrate Life is an online one stop portal for all funeral related products. Fully Digitalized!

This is a news platform that reports the recent transition/death of a person, typically along with an account of the person's life and information about the upcoming burial. Funeral announcements are personalized with condolences, candles, photos and music. This platform can be accessed via mobile phone or computer internet. Once the announcements are made the memorials will subsequently be activated every year automatically on the website. And the legacy of the diseased lived on the website forever and ever and will be hosted in our servers.

This value added website is a permanent way of sharing memories with family, relatives and friends from anywhere in the world.

How can others access the announcements made on

The announcements made on this website are accessed via mobile phone and computer internet. Once the announcement has been made we assigned and optimize a unique internet code, which includes the deceased’s name and picture. Everyone is free to share on their social media and email directly to family, relatives and friends so they can access the contents directly.

Who edits and updates the announcements on

Once the next of kin submits announcement, you will be asked to enter your email address and telephone number. We will use your contact details to give you a secure password that will be valid until the day the deceased is buried. The password gives you exclusive access to the management of the announcement section. You edit the contents you wish. Viewers of your announcement can add content like lighting candles, but you will have the sole ability to alter or remove anything that is added, as well as the ability to limit anyone you wish.

How long does it take to put up an announcements

Putting up announcement takes the shortest time depending on computer skills of the person inputting the information. It takes less than five minutes to fill our predesigned online form. However the contents of the announcements must be typed in a coherent manner and with a modest language by the announcer. Once done the next of kin can continue to add or remove and edit content at any time 24/7.

How much does it cost to make announcements on cost?

Creating and submitting announcement on our website is absolutely free. After that, because of maintenance costs and other services the website will offer to you, a minimal fee is required to keep the announced contents available online and accessible. Clients can choose how many days they wish the announcement to be live online e.g. day 1 to 10th day billed in block, from day 11 onwards is billed on daily basis.

However a client may choose the slots she (he) may wish to see the announcement appear. Each category of slots is billed differently. The Transition Announcement is divided into section as follows;

  • VIP Plus is Ksh. 10,000 limited slots
  • Gold Premium Ksh.6,000.
  • Silver Plus is Ksh.4,000
  • Bronze is Ksh.2,500
  • Free Announcement plan is Ksh. 0.000

Note: Each day takes 24 hours. All deaths announced from Diaspora will be displayed on home page and billed @ VIP Plus and referred to as international Rate.

How does one make the payment for services on

At the online submission of announcement a client can select a payment method. Currently we are using Lipa na Mpesa Pay bill No. 911261, as our payment gateways. Cash payments can be made at our selected agents countrywide.

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