Thank you for visiting E-Love With website We created the site because we wanted to pay tribute to our departed loved ones.

We come up with this innovation to help each of us give our story in a special way to our loved ones called by God

…My Father Stephen and My Grand Mama Joyce were and still are very special in my life.

When my father passed away on 1st April 1991 and my grandmother who died on 27th January 2012, our family ran a short obituary in the national newspaper because we found them very expensive. I always felt that it was a shame that we couldn't say more about their lives. My father was an ordinary man, but led an extraordinary life; He was a polygamist with over fourteen wives. He was not a celebrity, but to our family he was the president.

To Joyce, she was a queen and when she passed on we couldn’t help but only cry for we had so much to say about her but we couldn’t. We said most about her while grieving and crying. When it came time to create the tributes for then, we couldn't find a newspaper or a website which had all the features we wanted, so we created this service.

As an adult, I attended and participated in their funerals. The priest said a quote that has stayed with me up to date:"You are never truly gone, until someone stops remembering you." Our stories are the same to most of us worldwide.

This site is not about death; it is about celebrating life. We have focused our efforts on creating a site which allows you to go beyond a standard obituary or simple death notice or transition announcement on DAILY NATIONAL NEWSPAPERS. We have made it easy-to-use and complete with meaningful features for you to create memorial contents you, your family and friends will cherish for many years to come. is useful when you are celebrating life and offers the best combination of simplicity, functionality, support, design, and price.


About this website

Celebrate Life is an online one stop portal for all funeral related services and products. Fully Digitalized! This is a news platform that reports the recent transition/death of a person, typically along with an account of the person's life and information about the upcoming funeral. Announcing transition and putting up a permanent memorial of our loved ones is probably the best way to celebrate their lives. This value added website is a permanent way of sharing memories with family, relatives and friends from anywhere in the world.

This platform can be accessed via mobile phone or computer internet. Once the announcements are made the memorials will subsequently be activated every year automatically on the website.

Celebrate Life creates an everlasting memorial to someone close to the bereaved persons. We provide an easy to use service that allows bereaved persons to create and maintain contents where family and friends can pay their tributes, make FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS from within Kenya and abroad, download Funeral Programs, Eulogy, direction to where the funeral will be held, choose a song to play, watch videos of the deceased and view photo albums and gallery of the deceased thereby keeping the loved one's memory alive.

Celebrate Life is the widely used media to express sympathy and pass condolence messages to the bereaved family, relatives and friends. Celebrate Life online has the widest reach and easy to use and empowers targeted communication.