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Tributes for John Mung’ei Nzambu

1. ELIZABETH KIILU OTIENOekiilu@hotmail.comRest with the angels Mzee Nzambu.
2. Hon Charles Ngusya Ngunacnnguna@yahoo.comDad thank you so much for wisdom and inspiration you gave me when during my 2017 parliamentary campaigns which I emerged victorious. I will miss your fatherly love, wisdom, courageous and above your generosity. Rest In Peace
3. Nancy Senior am missing you soooo much I took good care of you more than a father for one year only you and God can see this .senior I miss how you use to come in servant quaternary for my murenda.luyha veges. Senior I miss how we use to eat lunch to gather at mpsha .dance with angle senior .
4. Grace Nungarignungari@gmail.comThe Bible says, there is a time for everything and indeed a time for man to rise and to fall. I pay tribute to your dad for he fought... indeed on earth we say.... the fall of a man but in heaven it’s the return of a son... where pain and illness will never bring any sorrow again. May he enjoy hevean with the angels...