Condolence Book for Hon. Justice Joseph L. Onguto

1. Everyone Oyugiachiengoyugi@yahoo.comGone too Soon. May your soul rest in peace
2. CAROL NAMULUNGUcaroldmba@yahoo.comThis is a great gloss! May your soul R.I.P.
3. Robinson Akungurobinsonakungu@gmail.comThis is indeed a great loss to Jo Gem and of course the entire nation of Kenya. RIP Wuod Gem.
4. Evelyn Muchoki evemucho@gmail.comFare thee well judge, it was an honour to have known you. rest. Just rest. Rest in eternal peace
5. Esther Kirigo Kinyua kirigok@gmail.comRest in eternal peace my conveyancing lecturer.
6. Francis Nzuki RIP Justice. Shine on your way. May the Lord console your family.
7. Seline Otienoclotieno47@gmail.comRest in peace Judge. Your legacy shall forever be remembered.
8. Mary Asimbajudith.mary77@gmail.comR.I.P He was such a cool person.
9. Kevin Okumu okumukevin20@gmail.comFare thee well Mwalimu. The knowledge imparted in class and court is priceless.erokamano
10. Barbara Malowamalowalaw2012@gmail.comRest with the Angels mwalimu. You will be missed.p
11. Alusohello@alusoingatiadvocates.comRest with the angels mwalimu.
12. Jennifer Wangechi Maina Fare thee Well Hon.Justice Louis Onguto. You've left a rich legacy and shall forever be remembered.
13. Kevin on your way Hon. JLO. A wonderful judge, a devoted teacher, a prized mentor and a good man.
14. Emmah Akwareeakware50@gmail.comYou have fought a good fight. Rest in peace Sir.
15. Vincent Wasongaawedhi@yahoo.comIt was a great honour to be with you. I thank The Almighty God for the time.
16. Maureen Wasonga maureendianne79@gmail.comRest in peace brother The Almighty loved you even more that's why you had to leave early
17. Alexander Wambuaawambua05@gmail.comWe loved you Hon Louis onguto but God loved you most.Rest in peace sir.