Condolence Book for Surveyor Odhiambo Moses Oremo

1. Barnypokjimos4581rt1@hotmail.comu95Luf
2. Isaiah Kayalloikayallo@gmail.comRest in Peace Comrade OMO
3. Tom Linasero Rest in Peace.
4. Albert ochiengalbertamoko@gmail.comMay his soul rest in peace and may God protect his family through this dfficult time.
5. Rogers Nyakoe Nchogurogersnyakoe@gmail.comRest In Peace.
6. Queen 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18. I mourn in hope.
7. Brenda Adhiamboadhiambobrenda41@gmail.comRest in peace until we meet again in land of paradise.
8. Ben Okechben.onyango@yahoo.comNind gi kwe ruath..
9. David Obungadobunga@yahoo.comRest in peace, Wuod Bondo. What a great soul we've lost!
10. Sylvester Ochiengsylochieng@gmail.comRIP Ja Sakwa
11. Pius Sielesielepius00@gmail.comI will miss you dearly. RIP Moses
12. Philip Achiaachiaphillip@yahoo.comIts so sad that we've lost a gentle soul.Rest in peace uncle Moses.
13. Odhiambo Gideonaceodhiambo@gmail.comRest in eternal Peace Unc....
14. Susan ATIENO uncle, may you RIP, you were humble and we will miss you so much. God knows best
15. Albert May my condolences bring you comfort(Aunty Anne) and may my prayers ease the pain of this loss.
16. David Mbicho dmbicho@yahoo.comRIP brother we will dearly miss you.
17. Collins Muchamuchallins@live.comFare the well my friend
18. morine mwangioluochmorineRest in peace moses
19. Red Silas and family silas_odhiambo@yahoo.comMoses We loved you and God loved you more. Fare thee well till we meet again.
20. Josephine Akinyijosephineakinyi@yahoo.comYue gi kwe wonyoyuoro.
21. Everlyne Adhiamboeveadhiambo@yahoo.comRest in peace.
22. Juddy Atienojuddieatieno88@gmail.comRest in peace Shem.
23. Anne Odhiamboannyodhiambo@gmail.comA golden heart stopped beating. A brilliant soul is laid to rest. Rest in Peace my Darling.
24. Odhiambo Millicent millyodhiambo@gmail .comNe waheri to Nyasaye noheri moloyowa.
25. Mollymollyachieng@ yahoo.comRest in peace my brother we loved you but God loved you most
26. beryll berylodhis@gmailTill we meet again......RIP.
27. Peter Mugo Rest in peace classmate.
28. Carol and piet zonneveldocarqline@gmail. comRest in peace moses
29. Sarah Odhiamboodhiambosarah@gmail.comGod loved you most my in law. Rest in peace.
30. Grace Amenyaotienoline@gmail.comYou have fought a good fight. Rest in peace shemeji.
31. Eunice Adeadeunice@gmail.comRest in Peace. Amen
32. Nillah isabokenillahn@yahoo.comRIP brother Moses. Your love will always be in our hearts.
33. Lawi Ogutu lwogutu@gmail.comRIP Brother. It is well...