Two people died on the spot when a minibus headed for Busia collided with a trailer at Madeya in Gem, Siaya County.  The accident occurred at 9am on 19th March 2017. The drivers of the minibus fled the seen moments after the fatal accident. It is believed that the braking system of the minibus may have failed.

Among those who died included Lilian Otieno. Lilian Otieno’s body arrived at Lee Funeral Home on Monday 20th March 2017 at 6am EAT and was received by family and friends. Those who received Alilis body at Lee Funeral Home were Adhia Nyar Japuonj, Eva Dado-James among others.


Lilian who lived in Nairobi seem to have travelled to Nyanza on 17th March 2017 that according to her facebook post. She had indicated that she was travelling to Siranga in Ugenya. While in Nyanza she visited the famous VIP Hotel in Siaya County as well. Her subsequent  posts indicate that she attended a funeral with her mum. She had to post this on 18th March around 11am…”My mum... Alice Otieno - Musewe. Not just because she is my mum, but this gracious lady has a heart of gold. Selflessness personified. I LOVE YOU MAMA.’’  Same day at 5.51pm she posted a picture which showed she was with her Cousins, Nieces and Nephews.

While at VIP Hotel in Siaya she posted “We're trying.....this is in my home county” that was at 8pm. She was very happy by the fact that the hotel had 100% occupancy. ‘’And we stopped to check out VIP.... Glad to see the occupancy at 100%” She posted. Still at VIP Hotel she posted a picture of her hand holding a glass of juice. She would later at about 10.13pm post a serious joke.. “Gima otamo dhako wadu iomee ang'o? Translation: vindu vichenjanga.” At 11.23pm same night she was at Sidindi watching Jamrock on NTV. “If Love so nice....Tell me Tell me why it hurts so bad.... #NTVJamRock’’ and that was her last post.

And on Sunday 19th March 2017at about 9am news of the death of Lilian Otieno hit the airwaves fast and furious. The first person to break the news was Rita Nemayian Oyier who posted..” My most amazing Cowife, Nyieka mane waherore go. I love you and I honor you ma. Lillian.” From that time around 9am messages of condolences then trickled in and by the time of publishing this article over 1800 messages had been counted and more were still trickling in..

We from Celebrate Life, wish to convey our deepest condolence and sympathy to the family of Lilian Otieno and we ask God to give peace that surpasses all human understanding to the family. Rest in Peace Lilian Otieno. Digital condolence book for Lilan Otieno will be created in the due course.