Moving Tribute to Slain KU Graduate, Edna Atieno Nyainda

By Olonde Jacob..

THE ONE Edna Atieno Nyainda, aka Endal, aka Atuech nyar Kadika

Born in Ngege village, a last born in a family of four ( all of them are young graduates), born of Mr. & Mrs Jona Okello. Edna started her primary schooling at Ngege Primary School, Migori County, before moving to Kadika primary where she sat her KCPE and attained 384 marks. She joined Ngiya girls where she sat her KCSE and got a JAB admission to study Bsc in Public Health at Kenyatta University.. She graduated in 2016 with second class honors.
For those who know her background, Edna was the smartest, well dressed and always a head of her class. Her primary school classmates recall her days with pain. At Ngege primary, Dickson Nyamu ( also called Atuech) recalls their stiff competition for the number one slot. She was both intelligent and clean. A beauty with brains.As Mr Gunga, the deputy head teacher at Ngege Primary would say, 'she was pure and spotless''.

Her former school mates at Kadika also remember her as the beautiful girl with a bicycle, a model and a class dictionary. She rode on her bike to school and was ahead in languages and overall performance.
When she joined KU, she came in the company of her elder sister Diolence who was also a law student at Moi Eldoret. I recall one time asking David Onyango Omolo why everyone from our area was opting to study at KU and he said, ''we are the cause'.

Due to the shortage of rooms, she opted to put up with her sister at Roysambu. She could then attend her classes from there. It is at Roysambu that she left her three siblings on that fateful day never to be back.
As a young man, I don't refute the years of relationships that existed between Max and Edna. It must have been those Cassandra moments when boundaries are shifted to revere the jiffy. Now, for those who studied at KU, you can concur that the menace of scrupulous men masquerading as students, military officers, lecturers or even investors is as common in Kahawa and KM as any other place in Kenya. It is evident that Endal naively fell in the snare of one of these. Love has never been blind.

Yawa, if we cannot establish the truth on who Max is and what he does for a living ( A military officer, a car higher agent, or a wines and spirits dealer............)then how gullible can this society be to admit the narrative that Max sponsored Edna's university education? Edna was receiving HELB loan and was still under the tender care of her loving family. What she might have done with the purported 1.8 Million education loan taken on her behalf by Max is a mystery only Jesus will tell us one day when we meet him in heaven.

For the public to accept the misinformation that Max sponsored and paid Edna's school fees is as heinous and atrocious as those who claim CS Matiangi is responsible for burning down of schools. The society must redefine it's values, call sin by it's name and punish the sinner. The sin here is that Max Killed Edna. How and why he killed her is for the courts to establish. The current trend of vilifying young people at the behest of evil men and women must stop. Let people be held accountable for their sins. Any other malicious story meant to win public sympathy must be met with the repercussions it well deserves.

Every one who went to University understands that paying fare for a student is never sponsorship. Taking a girl to TRM or Nakumat Wendani is and will never be sponsorship neither is buying your girlfriend gifts. Those are activities of the moment whose lifelines can be as short as going to a canteen or as long as 7years for engineering students. And all Are but VANITY. Chasing after the wind. if not then we would be hearing of deaths every time a university releases graduates to this our mystified world.

This is the world where a normal man can pay university fees for a student with parents and is receiving HELB loan for four years without prior arrangement with parents. Only to kill her for FEAR of being rejected! Rejected how and the girl came to your house at her own volition? and she would have come many other times until maybe she changes her mind to be your wife? Honestly, I handled many student issues as a peer counselor in KU and I never heard of this Max- Edna sponsorship story. At least not with such a sad ending.

Within the confines of our universities, there are men who hang around tender, well nurtured and beautiful ladies like Endal just for the goodness of it. Then they acquire undeserved sponsor titles. Shame! Take a case of Endal. This is a girl whose family is not badly off. The father is an agriculture officer who sacrificed his fortune to take all the three of Edna's siblings through University on parallel programme. How he could fail to pay Edna's fees, the last born, the darling of the family, and leave that responsibility to the boyfriend is just impossible. The devil is truly a liar. He comes to confuse and destroy.

It is very wrong for the self proclaimed 'friends of Endal' to associate her dress code and beauty with the role of a sponsor. I tell you for free, Edna scooped uncountable awards for being the best groomed girl both in Ngege and Kadika Primary schools. She never changed even at Ngiya Girls. This was her trend through campus and even to her death. She lived her life as if it was the end of it all. She was the epitome of fashion in her circles. And her mum loved it so. She nicknamed her ENDAL. Chogo. The last born. She Ended It All (Endal).

It pains even more to comprehend the portrayal of Endal as lyfist when it was so common to find her with her mum selling grocery at Migori Bridge during long holidays to supplement their family income and get herself pocket money when back in session. What a life we lost. We will miss those Sabbath mornings when your family would sing sweet Sabbath songs at Ngege Central Church. We will miss those days at Ngege Primary when a young girl would beat her class in brains and the school in cleanliness. The days we could admire your bike on your way from school. And more so, the day you reported to KU and your pioneers Kenn Orangi, David Onyango Omolo, Olonde Evans, Santos Obillo and myself had the privilege of challenging you on the do's and donts of campus life. Yes, the Nyaindas, friends and those who belived in your potential had the pleasure of supporting your journey and celebrating your academic achievement. It is sad that you never lived to pay them back. We will forever marvel at the glory of seeing you in a graduation gown.

Whatever the case, since we cannot bring Endal back to life, more so to share her side of the story, may her soul Rest in Peace.

‪#‎Life‬ lessons
1. University fees is not a kalongolongo token to be paid by minion and masqueraders. It is a sacrifice that only family and the government can easily make.
2. Let ex be ex. Anything else is a rolling wheel to death.
3. Sponsorship must be understood for what it means
4. Stick to your lane. God first. Family second and appreciate your background.
5. To Max and the likes, you were just a boyfriend like any other. You would have handled it differently but that's now water under the bridge
6. Life is sacred. Every person deserves to live. Nothing can exchange for a life lost. And you gain nothing but regrets now and curses forever and evermore. May God be the judge.
‪#‎I‬ stand with Endal #Life is Sacred. Atuech Deserved to Live.

Fare thee well jaber nyar Ngege.