Damcyne Orina Tribute to her sister Kerubo

Today i want to pay tribute to my sister my friend, she was like my legs that whatever i wanted i just needed to make a simple call en she could stop whatever she was doing en run my errand.

How can i not cry, someone who loved me more than death in 2008 when it was all chaos she walked with me as i was trying to get a visa she was almost killed. how can i not cry when she discovered that i was pregnant she took it as her own she changed my diet. everyday she used to carry in her handbag food en water in a container to town so that i dont end up eating junk.

She knew what i needed to wear. she shopped for my baby en when i went into labour she was there with me from the beginning to the end.she laboured with me she rubbed my back she cried with me en we laughed together. i didnt know how to take care of the baby that was her work for three months everyday.

How can i not cry when i was down she was the one i opened up to. she told me what to do en what not to do.

How can i not cry i have lost someone who took me in en became a sister en a mother. she could scold me when i was going astray en i wud listen.

How can i not cry whenever my baby is sick en i have no idea what to do i dont need to worry coz she already has answers. .

Kerubo gaki why?why?now who wil i be turn to?who will be there for me?who will be planning for me who will be walking with me who?just tell me who?who will love me as she did?who?Kerubo gaki ninki gaki gwachierete mapema gaki?

Rembo en Frank will be fine. i will love them as you loved me. i will check on them daily.i will comfort them. Go thee well. you are a rose that has been plucked. but one day on that beautiful morning tutakutana.


will always love en miss you.

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