Chaos erupted during prof. Nyasani requiem mass.

The academia community was treated to a rare drama as rival group fought for control of the burial process of the late Prof. Joseph Nyasani. Academician and renowned author Prof Joseph Nyasani died on 5th February 2016 at the age of 79.

The burial of the prof. Nyasani was delayed for nearly two months due to a number of reasons. The major reason being; the control of estates and assets owned by Prof.  Nyasani. Prof was a polygamous man and was  married to Susan Nyasani (Germany), Grace Mesopirr in Kenya and Peace Ruzage of Rwanda.  Nyasani died at the Agha Khan Hospital, Nairobi.

The funeral committee headed by Amb. Mbaka has had a hard time during the planning of the funeral. At first the burial was to be on 4th march and should have been attended by HE The president of Kenya uhuru Kenyatta.  The continue grumbling and scrubling for Prof. Nyasanis assets and properties saw the funeral postponed to 18th March 2016.

And today 16th March 2016, the academic fraternity Ratemo Micheka the council chaiman of KU gathered at consolata shrines for a requiem mass to pay their last repect to the renowned professor of physolosphy. 

The professor authored more than 40 books.. He actually had written at least 41 books and those close to him can attest that by the time of his death he was working on more books. 

Some of his earlier writings include; ‘A Treatise on General Metaphysics’ in 1974  followed by ‘The Coffee Bonanza’ a book detailing the underground coffee trade on the Kenya – Uganda border at a place called Chepkube which he co-authored with his friend Prof. Akong’o Oyugi in 1978. In 1982 while in Frankfurt Germany he also authored ‘An Introduction to Traditional Logic’. 

Some of his current publications include; ‘Philosophy of Development’, ‘Life and Death in Africa’, ‘Philosophy of Nature’, ‘Philosophical Focus on Thought Systems in Development’,’ Legal Philosophy’, ‘British Massacre of Gusii Freedom Defenders’ and ‘Metaphysics of the Cosmos and Related Recurrent Issues of Metaphysics’. 
Chaos erupted after the mass as rival claimed ownership of the remains of prof. Nyasani.

Nyasani, a pioneer professor in the country, has been living with a bullet lodged in his brain for 21 years. Nyasani broke a 300-year record by writing his dissertation in Latin while doing his doctorate degree in Germany in 1963. He worked at the UN secretariat in New York as a political affairs officer in 1971.

Digital Condolence book of Prof Nyasani is here...