KU Funeral Home Nairobi

Kenyatta University Funeral Home is situated within the Kenyatta university ’s main campus. It is 23 km from downtown Nairobi along the Nairobi/Thika highway

Why choose KUFH? We offer affordable exlusive services and have state  of the art facilities in Kenya

Our Services

·         Cold storage and preservation embalming

·         Restorative reconstruction of deformed bodies

·         Postmortem cosmesis

·         Forensic services

·         Medico-legal consultancy

·         Bereavement support and counseling

·         Repatriation and airport transfer services

·         Comprehensive hearse package

Our Facilities

·         A state-of-the-art Mausoleum with modern cold storage facilities

·         Ultra-modern postmortem table

·         Spacious and serene compound

·         Ample waiting lounge and viewing bays

·         Large parking yard

·         A chapel with 100 seating capacity

·         Casket showroom and floral shop

·         Glamorous Hearse

More of Kenyatta University Funeral Home's Contents can be viewed from http://ku.ac.ke/kufh/